A Taste of Poison

A Taste of Poison

Mr Ben

  • Category - Fiction


Ricardo feels short-changed whenever he’s in business with his boss, Martinez, who does “business” at the LaGuardia office, with all five major staffers, a part of his drug-cartel network. Having worked for his boss for over a decade, Ricardo sees the need to pay him back in coins. Despite his years of faithfulness, Martinez has a habit of demeaning his efforts and using the proceeds owed to Ricardo to pay off his girlfriend’s chains. Ricardo’s complaints hold no water as Martinez prioritizes his lovers over the intricate business deals he has with Ricardo. However, Ricardo wonders how his boss might get a taste of his poison as a punishment for the wrongs he did to him. He figures out a plan. He discusses with his Doctor to create a ‘’image’’ of himself and contracts a willing-to-die for-the-money street thug, Roberto, to do his bidding—-on the would-be Ricardo’s impostor—delivering fake dollars, instead of the actual consignment as instructed by his boss Roberto, better known as ‘Ricardo’ is aware of the whole plot. ‘Ricardo’ is well-paid and fully prepared for the task ahead. Ricardo, knowing the ropes of the cartel, explores the loophole and finds an escape route never to be seen again. Ricardo leaves the cartel with the hugest fortune, untraced! The success of the plan is to Ricardo’s advantage but leaves ‘’Ricardo’’ to his fate…