The RMP Chapter and Book Cafe welcomes independent authors to submit their publications to be considered for sale. As part of our mission to support authors with their book distribution and selling needs, we love to see new work and experience a diverse literary culture. We would love to make your work available to as many readers as possible. As a publishing company, we have been overwhelmed by the volume and diversity of independent publishing hence the need to expand to an online retail space. The number of independent authors that we work with continues to grow each month. 

Submission Policy

If you have a publication that you would like us to consider, please send us a single review copy with a completed Book Review Form. We cannot review your book without this form. Complete the form together with a pdf copy of your book including the cover and email it to:

It would be ideal to review both a Physical and a digital copy of your book. Where this is not possible, for example, if you are outside the UK, you can send us a pdf copy of your book; We can facilitate the printing of a copy of your book (e.g from amazon) at your expense, to help us with the review process.

Please Note: Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot offer a return service for submissions, nor can we accommodate collections. In the event that your book is not accepted, it will be used for in-store book promos, subscription boxes or giveaway prizes. 

Before submitting your book, please take a moment to read the following Terms regarding the types of publications we are able to consider, our consignment policy, and other important information about the submission process.

Consignment agreement

1. What are the conditions for selling a book?

RMP Chapter and Book Cafe work on a consignment basis, because resources are limited to buy the books outright. The seller sets the retail price for their publication. 30% of the retail price goes to RMP Chapter & Book Cafe, and you receive the balance. The consignment contract and initial consignment order will explain this in detail.

1.1. Setting up an author/seller account portal:

Once you create and set up a seller account you will be able to track your sales and stock. We will fulfil the orders, handle the administration and postage.

For authors outside of the UK, we can handle the distribution in the same way. You send us your books or facilitate the printing; printing costs are met by the author/publisher. We can only accept 20 copies of the book each time.

We will do our best to keep on top of restocking publications. Because we have limited space, we may not restock everything that we have carried in the past. This way, we can create space for new publications.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Types of publications to submit: 

You can submit any type of publication, in any language (except the ones mentioned in #2.) Your book must already be in print and priced for a general market, rather than single or limited editions. We accept Audiobooks and ebooks, stationery and gifts related to books. 

1.1 For audiobooks distribution, submit a retail audio sample (short audio) together with the ebook copy of your book.

2. What types of publications are not considered?

We cannot handle collectables, demonology and satanism, gothic fiction/horror, erotica, or antiquarian books. 

3. Is there a need for the submission of a physical book? 

Yes, we do want to see a physical copy of your book so that we can understand its production values. In the event that you cannot submit a printed copy (e.g., you are outside the UK), you can send us a pdf of your book files including the cover

3.1 How are books selected?     

Books are selected by our experienced team of booksellers.

3.2 How long is the waiting period before hearing?  

We try hard to review submissions in a timely manner, but being a small team means that it may take us between 14 days to a month before you  hear back from us, though it can take longer during busy periods – especially around book fairs or during holiday periods. Please be patient with us.

3.3 What happens if a book is accepted?

If your publication is accepted, we will email you with a consignment contract and an initial order quantity. Please FILL OUT the contract and Return it BY EMAIL

3.4 What happens if a book is not accepted?

We have limited space, which means that we cannot accept every book that is submitted. If we cannot accept your book, please understand that it may not have anything to do with the quality of your book. Your book may not be a publication that we feel well-placed to sell. If your book is not accepted, and it is in physical format, it will be used in subscription boxes, as part of book promotions, or used as a giveaway prize. Should you require the submitted copy back, the postage fees will be paid by yourself.

3.5 What happens to the review copy that was submitted?

The single copies submitted with your review form do not form part of the inventory consigned to RMP Chapter and Book Cafe. We will use the review copy for promos, in subscription boxes, or as a giveaway prize. In the event that your book/s reaches us damaged through handling to the point they are not sellable, we are not accountable for compensation.

3.6 How to get paid for books sold?

You will receive an invitation to create an account where you can track your sales and stock in real-time. Alternatively, we can fulfil orders on your behalf and send you payment and book sale reports every quarter.

3.7 How to restock a publication?

We do our best to keep on top of restocking publications. Because we have limited space, we may not restock everything that we have carried in the past. This way, we can create space for new publications.

4. Is there a payment for postage?

RMP Chapter and Book Cafe cannot pay any shipping costs for delivering books to us. You would need to arrange your own delivery. In cases where this is not possible, for example, you are outside the UK, we can facilitate an arrangement.

5. Will RMP Chapter and Book Café wholesale a book to other bookstores?

Not Currently. However, this is only possible for books published by RMPublishers LTD.

6. Who to contact if there are any other questions?

Please contact: / with any questions about book submissions, or whatsapp us at +447768639991.
Contact Number: 07831522987