11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Against

11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Against

Mr Ben

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The self-help material, ‘11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Yourself Against …’ is primarily a relationship-based material that cuts across relationship recognition, marriage and seriousness – defined relationships (amongst individuals). It is work-piece with the potential of helping those seeking for serious relationships and marriages.

It gives a “let-us-face-it” approach to analyse the power of certain blindfolds known as deceptions in terms of their true recognition, consequences and proffers long lasting solutions to preclude oneself from their servitude. With insight-based examples, stories and other interests, the work-piece sheds light on each of the mentioned deception.

It unravels the can of worms associated with various marriages and relationships people involve themselves in. From the fruiting years of childhood to the growing years of youth and finally, to the stable years of adulthood, the material deals with blindfolds associated with people of these ages. Infidelity, divorce, pre-marital and post-marital sex and other vices are general blindfolds that the work-piece believes originates from the media, schools and the general society.