Disjointed Rhythm: Reflections of a Demented Scribe

Disjointed Rhythm: Reflections of a Demented Scribe

Temba Munsaka

  • Category - Fiction


Disjointed rhythm is a brazen modern African Literary Archimedes gleaned from the contemporary Zimbabwean socio-techno political context.

The author's fecund, alabaster Literary thoughts are liberally archetypical, quite demented, and effusive in form.

These creative quotes are written with the apparent sharp sickle blade of research: taunts, exposes graft, extols love, denounces hegemony, sanitizes injustice and inequality, bemoans societal ills in a random scathing way, and declares feared truths with raw inimitable aptitude.

They boldly open up to bright and sometimes granite hard innuendos reflecting a rich imagination of a fearless Literary activist and a free expressive soul.

This compact volume invokes disavowed citizenry rights awareness, empathy, and a deep sense of neglected human inter-relations.