Mad:  The Alluring Darkness

Mad: The Alluring Darkness

Temba Munsaka

  • Category - Poetry


The Alluring Darkness' heraldic glib pages habitat is cogitable, sober poetic thoughts.

The universal vibrating Literary doses revibrate liberally across a wide subject spectrum, trending buttressed through mortal frailty, a fire ignited amorous impulses and lecherous immodest maidens, expansive Nyaminyami attractions flora and fauna and 'magical midnight rains,' variegated penury struck Magaba and Mbare high-density slums' perverted vice and harum-scarum activities, blissful charm and humanity's spiritual abominations, tempestuous witchcraft, dark pains, the immortality of time, formidable death's unfathomable mysteries, esoteric hell shades below and other darker forms of the complex human sphere.

The poems flow with such assiduous exploratory vigor they are commodious both in expressive and narrative thought and invoke instinctive enchantments to the sensory nerves.

The author seals poetic wizardry in a munificent free from prejudice and breadth of mind.

His pen effuses open-handed sediment and levitates effortlessly through Literary spaces and time.