Virtuous Victory: A Biography

Virtuous Victory: A Biography

Pastor Elizabeth Kalonga

  • Category - Biographies
  • Publisher - RMPublishers LTD
  • Year Published - 2016
  • ISBN - 978-1537620633


Virtuous Victory is a biography about the struggles that Pastor Elizabeth Kalonga faced as she was growing up. Some of the experiences left her deeply wounded and scarred. She however found God through these experiences, learned to forgive, allowing Him to heal the wounds and soothe these scars that were left by the horrific experiences that she encountered. She has drawn from the lessons learnt along the way and wants to encourage other women and girls to stand firm in the Word of God when going through difficulties.

Through her hardships, she was inspired to start a number of charities aimed at helping young girls and women avoid the sexual abuse and exploitation that often comes with poverty and neglect. She also wants to educate on HIV and AIDS encouraging those affected to seek the right help.

Evangelist Kalonga encourages and equips everyone with the Word. Above all, she wants two things: for us to know that our situations can only make us stronger, and to give a true account of her life so that she can leave a legacy for her children and grandchildren.