Thus Far and No More: From Insult to Result

Thus Far and No More: From Insult to Result

Apostle Florence Kanyati

  • Category - Christianity


God is looking for Esther generation; a generation that is willing to give, to do anything and enter in the inner court of the king's palace; into the king's hall. And enter in the chambers of the king. Esther entered in the chambers of a worldly king but

we have been given access by the blood of Jesus to enter into the Holiest place and talk to the King of kings, the Lord of lords and lay bare our hearts.

If only the Church would go back to the old time Church that would cry to Jesus and say teach us to pray. Today we have a problem in the

Church; we have people that would rather say teach us to preach, teach us to sing. But this is the time to say to God teach us to pray; Holy

Ghost teach us to pray. Let me tell you child of God we are an eagle generation. Therefore we must rise in the issues of prayer.

After reading this book you will be able say to your problem through prayer, “Thus Far and No More!” You will move from insult to result.

God bless you!