Living the Dream: Dream On

Living the Dream: Dream On

Lydia Koranteng

  • Category - Self Help
  • Year Published - 2021


In part II of this book Living the dream series- Shake off the dream stoppers, I looked at the vipers of cynicism, criticism and calamity and used Paul and Jabez as examples in shaking off these dream stoppers to enable us make progress. We have to be deliberate about ignoring these dream stoppers, whose main aim is to ensure we remain stagnant, hence reason for shaking them off. In this final part –Dream on ,I help the reader to recognise some important things that characterise a good dreamer and used Joseph as our example. Here I discuss Joseph`s dream, encouraging you reader to dream yet another dream, upgrade your dream, focus on your dream and draw lessons from Joseph`s dream. I finally leave you with Seven great pearls of wisdom of great dreamers, problem-solver stages and what it means to be sold out.To recapture what we read in part I of Dare to dream, we have looked at procrastination, fears, doubts, lack of strategy, unforgiveness, lack of taking risks, bitterness, lack of knowledge, anxiety and adversity among others. Having identified how these could either delay or even prevent us from pursuing our destinies, in part II we then looked at how to be intentional, decisive and purposeful in shaking off dream stoppers such as vipers of cynicism, criticism and calamity. We used Paul and Jabez as our examples and saw how they both succeeded in improving their lot by shaking off their dream stoppers and you could do the same when faced with cynical and critical and people always in crisis.It is my hope that these nuggets have inspired you enough to dream on just like I have. Until I come your way with my next dream - dream on.