Living the Dream: Shake off the Dream

Living the Dream: Shake off the Dream

Lydia Koranteng

  • Category - Self Help
  • Publisher - RMPublishers LTD
  • Year Published - 2021
  • ISBN - 979-8572154283


Part II Living the dream –Shake off the dream stoppers

In part 1 of Living the dream series – Dare to dream I looked at the various factors that often stand in our way of progressing in life namely: procrastination , fear ,doubts, not willing to take risks, lack of strategy, bitterness, unforgiveness, Anxiety and adversity. In Part II of this same book I will be looking at the dream stoppers. I am sure you will agree with me that there have been aspects and areas of your life that have not seen much change or progress , and no matter how hard you have tried you have not made much positive impact. In some instances these are extrinsic or external factors that seem to be working against you. Over the years I have come to realise that sometimes the best way is to stop the dream stoppers. How do we do this ? We have an example in Paul, when he was faced with similar dream stoppers while on the Island of Malta, following his shipwreck on the way to Rome. What did Paul do? He Shook of the vipers, schemes, behaviours or actions that represent dream stoppers. In this book, I call them the vipers of cynicism, criticism and calamity. When Paul was faced with a Viper on his arm, he simply shook off the viper of cynicism into the fire and carried on . As you read on you will realise how the subsequent vipers presented themselves and what transpired. There are instances where you need to deal a death blow directly to the adversary who tries to stop your progress by shaking off the problem , and just like Paul did in this instance, ignore it ( them) and continue to focus on what God is directing you to do. There are several instances in my life at very crucial times when the enemy reared its head as a viper in these three forms and all I had to do was to follow Paul`s example and shake it ( them ) off, pretend they are not there and keep my eyes on what God was directing me to do. This is achieved through prayer, fasting and having a closer and personal walk with God. I also mentioned Jabez who despite the negativity surrounding his birth – his mum named him Jabez as he caused her so much pain at birth. Just imagine all the stigma he may have carried growing up and the reactions in his community! Jabez prayed to God to turn this around and the Lord granted him all he prayed for. (Please read 1 Chronicles 4:9-10) This section of Living the dream book is aimed at helping you shake off your dream stoppers to help you pursue your purpose in life. I am a living example of this and it works.