God Moments: Testimonies

God Moments: Testimonies

Lydia Koranteng

  • Category - Christianity
  • Number of pages - 13.34 x 0.61 x 20.32 cm
  • Publisher - RMPublishers LTD
  • Year Published - 2018
  • ISBN - 978-1726472203


The role of Christian testimony is often misunderstood. Testimony is often seen by others as merely the story of the person testifying. But it is really the telling of a part of that person's life within the framework of the larger story of how what God made has been brought back together with its Creator, the greater story of the Good News and of the gathering of believers which that Good News created. Each testimony is an open, face-to-face version of what is actually so, which, when added to the testifying of others, becomes an up-to-the-minute part of the Scriptures' 'cloud of witnesses'.