Be Ready: There\\\'s No Retreat

Be Ready: There's No Retreat

Elizabeth Kurangwa

  • Category - Self Help


Be Ready-No Retreat is following John 14: 3 when Jesus promises His disciples thatHe will come back to take them to where He will be. The Bible tells us that whosoever believes can have eternalLife. Jesus set the path for us, to follow as He called the twelve. He said once on the plough, there is no looking back. He chose for His disciples from hard working men, whose jobs required calculation and understanding times, they had determination in their variety of jobs. I then looked at a programme I like, Planet Earth. The Naturalists are so determined to follow and record every detail of the animals they are following to the end. The animals are also determined to live and achieve their expected end of life plan, even if it means death. Jesus was sent by the Father, and He sends us into the world to continue His work according to the Father’s plan. He gives us a path to follow.