Just As I Am

Just As I Am

Elizabeth Kurangwa

  • Category - Self Help
  • Publisher - RMPublishers LTD
  • Year Published - 2018
  • ISBN - 978-1723495458


This story is about living my life and never looking back because there was nothing exciting in my past. I had an unusual gift of seeing or knowing things that other people did not and living in a superstitious society these are things not usually discussed. I just grew up as I was with no advice about dos and don’ts. There was nowhere to go and learn more about my concerns. The change came when I wanted to go somewhere far from the people that I knew. I got a job on a small Island. My friend, Fran, offered to drive me there. From Lincoln to Liverpool we sang Ngivuselele Nkosi Jesu [revive us again]. In the ferry, for the first time crossing the Irish Sea for 4 hours, seeing the waves and birds I just cried as I knew I had done the right thing. This was in 2009 when I stayed on the Island for four years. I returned to England towards the end of 2013 and in 2015 as I sat on my bed I felt like a curtain was open and I saw my meaningless life. I then began writing things that I had forgotten my whole life just came up. The Lord planted His word in my heart in the form of songs and He knew that looking back at my life will not affect my belief in His Word. My hope is after reading my story readers will think of other people who are hurting and marginalised without evidence of wrong doing. In these days of advanced science and understanding, my dream is a place where you can go where you will not be judged, where you will be liberated through the word of God. I was blessed to have a pastor who was not bound by superstition. By following my heart, I walked away to a small beautiful Island. This is my story Just As I am.