Under Construction : A Work in Progress

Under Construction : A Work in Progress

Talisha Antonio-Chauke

  • Category - Poetry
  • Publisher - RMPublishers LTD
  • Year Published - 2021
  • ISBN - 979-8718322019


We are all a work in progress searching for a love that has no conditions. Discovery of our purpose in hopes of fulfilling our God-given destiny. It is during this quest of discovering 'Who I am', that Under Construction was birthed. Under Construction' is a collection of poems that reveal the different stages and seasons that were encountered. Each poem tells its own story and reveals a different phase or different stage in this quest for growth and a search for purpose. It is also inspired by the different storms raging...Storms faced, storms endured and those storms that were overcome. Talisha Antonio is a Zimbabwean born, British author. She lives in Birmingham, UK with her four beautiful children. Talisha is the author of the Young Adults' and Children’s book, Captain Jack Sawyer and the Golden Statue of Aurora' released in September 2019. Talisha is an Author of merit, having completed four writing courses including poetry and screenwriting. Further, Talisha has published several articles in Flawless and She Inspires Magazines. Over and above this, Talisha won the 2015 PaWaR writing contest for a short story called Life is a Rollercoaster', published in PaWaR Magazine, page 23 (2015).