Captain Jack Sawyer and the Golden Statue of Aurora

Captain Jack Sawyer and the Golden Statue of Aurora

Talisha Antonio-Chauke

  • Category - Fiction
  • Publisher - RMPublishers LTD
  • ISBN - 978-1692032364


Captain Jack Sawyer and the Golden Statue of Aurora is a fictional and fantasy story aimed at a younger audience with the intention to stimulate young readers’ imaginations and to encourage them to never give up and to always strive to succeed in everything they do. This is a story about discovery, mystery and adventure based in a world that has different kingdoms at diverse levels of advancement. It is a modern day story featuring different monarchs. Captain Jack Sawyer had fallen in love with princess Maya and was working up the courage to ask her father, the King of Aurora, for her hand in marriage. The King’s aid, Jean Paul, has no intention of letting this happen. The captain is then asked to go on a mission that he is not prepared for but if he is successful and returns safely to the kingdom his marriage to the princess can then take place.Jack is a captain of the royal navy of the kingdom of Aurora, he is an honest, hardworking man who serves with honour and integrity; always ready to follow orders. He not only cares for his kingdom but he also cares for his family and the people that serve under him. Jack has always been busy on missions in service to the king but falls head over hills in love with the princess. The princess has always admired him from a distance and when her father arranges that Jack and his crew escort the princess on her trip this creates an opportunity for her to meet him in person and for the captain to meet and fall for the princess.A nemesis that Jack is not aware of comes up with a plan that is meant to eliminate or remove him from the picture completely. Jean Paul does not want the Captain and the princess to get married. He wants the princess as his wife and this is not because he loves her, but it is because he has his own selfish reasons. His plot sees the captain and his crew sent on a very dangerous journey where they may not return.The captain and the crew are caught up in a battle that causes their ship to be damaged beyond repair and they see themselves as having failed their mission. They unknowingly save a very important person from the clutches of a strange creature which allows them an audience with the king of their kingdom. The king involves them in coming up with a strategy to rid the kingdom of these creatures that have terrorised his kingdom for ages and when they succeed in doing so, the Captains ship is not only repaired and rebuilt but it also upgraded to an even much better standard that is higher and advanced to what it was before.The captain and his crew manage to return with the treasure, which means their mission was successful. They managed to take back with them prisoners who can expose the nemesis they were not aware of. The captain and the princess are reunited and plan to wed. Unfortunately, the nemesis manages to escape…