Against All Odds (I Survived)

Dr Fikelephi Jackson

  • Category - Biographies


Dr Fikelephi's journey began in Apartheid Southern Africa, where she faced the harsh reality of her father's torture and subsequent death for political reasons. From the moment she entered the world, poverty and uncertainty became her companions. Enduring a season of prolonged pain and struggles, she eventually found her escape, albeit with a weakened self-image and a bruised body. Upon fleeing to the UK, she encountered challenges in building a life for herself and her children, leading her to a dark place where suicidal thoughts loomed. In a moment of desperation, she made an unusual plea to a God she neither knew nor believed in - and received an unexpected answer that changed her life forever. Years later, tragedy struck again as she lost one of her beloved daughters in a devastating car accident. Yet, amid indescribable pain, Fikelephi found solace and guidance from God ('The Big Guy upstairs'), learning to carry on and discovering her true purpose: to help others survive and thrive. Against all odds, Fikelephi clung to hope, restoration, liberty, forgiveness, and redemption. In her book, she shares her remarkable journey and message of resilience with readers, inspiring hope and advocating for change. Fikelephi's travels have taken her around the world, including visits to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria, Ghana,  Brazil, and engagements at the United Nations, where she continues to champion hope and transformation.