Prayer in the Wilderness

Elizabeth Kurangwa

  • Category - Christianity


In 'Prayer in the Wilderness,' Elizabeth Kurangwa invites you on a journey that uncovers hidden talents and reveals life's hidden secrets.

Through heartfelt stories and genuine insights, Elizabeth shares moments when she felt God's love and protection, even in the darkest times. This book is an invitation to discover a deeper meaning in your own life, realising you are known, loved, and cared for, just as you are.

Elizabeth's poetic gift enhances her storytelling, forging a deep connection with her readers.


I will give you hidden manna
I will give a white stone
With a new name written
I will make you a pillar
In the temple of my God
I will write the name of the city of my God
New Jerusalem
If you overcome
You have come to Mount Zion
The city of the living God
You have come to the Heavenly Jerusalem
And in the company of innumerable Angels
Jesus is the way
And the LIFE