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This book simply titled ACCRA BY DAY AND BY NIGHT is a pictorial rendition of the beauty, elegance and glamour which bring to bear in the mind and thoughts of any genuine lover of nature; the energy and dynamism which invigorate life in the cosmopolitan hub commonly known as the City of Accra.

All the glossy images showcased in the book on the varied iconic landmarks of Accra are vivid portrayals of the good, the better and the best that are mostly hidden from the ordinary eye by the daylight that sometimes dulls the beauty and elegance of the landscape which serves as the fulcrum around which the energy, the enthusiasms, passions, tempo and the vibrancy of the peoples of Ghana, - a country with many nations- revolve.

The City of Accra is referred to as G? by its generous, easy going and welcoming indigenous custodians, who rightfully lay claim to their sunshine city, which evidently encapsulates the soul, spirit, and the very essence of Ghana as a country. To many residents of the country, "Accra is Ghana, Ghana is Accra."

ACCRA BY DAY AND BY NIGHT is a beautiful picture book for both adults and children, regular residents of the City as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

The vibrant colours portraying the elegant buildings and landscapes on the bright pages of the book invoke immense optimisms in the minds of many among the citizens of Ghana, who perceive the City of Accra as the utmost citadel of the country affectionately referred to by her citizenry as 'The Beloved.'

The book gives the residents of the City of Accra, something to live for and for the first time visitors who look forward to their first warm embrace of the smiling City, the book gives them something to look forward to.

ACCRA BY DAY AND BY NIGHT should therefore be accorded the needed uplift and visibility so it could become a veritable guide for the enhancement of tourism in the City of Accra in particular and Ghana in general.

Finally, this is a book every Ghanaian home must have on its centre table.

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