Valentine Cannings

  • Category - Fiction


In the vast expanse of time and space, there exists a tale that transcends the boundaries of imagination—a story that weaves together ancient wisdom, forgotten civilizations, and the indomitable spirit of a goddess.

Welcome to a world where past and future intertwine, where the echoes of the ancients still resonate, and where one extraordinary being embarks on a journey that will shape the destiny of humanity. It is a tale of power and seduction, of love and betrayal, and of the unyielding pursuit of higher consciousness.

At the heart of this epic narrative stands Azra, a goddess of ancient Egypt, blessed with divine beauty and wisdom. But her path takes an unforeseen turn when she discovers a mystical gateway—a portal to the future, guarded by the sacred Ankh and fueled by a crystalline magnet. With courage and curiosity as her guides, she steps into the unknown, leaving behind the sands of her homeland to embrace an unfamiliar world.

As Azra traverses time and space, she finds herself embroiled in a struggle for power, pursued relentlessly by a government threatened by her presence. With every step, she must battle not only external forces but also the shadows within herself—doubt, fear, and the weight of responsibility. Will she overcome these obstacles and harness her true potential?