Deborah Banda

  • Category - Self Help


Yearning for a life of fulfilment? Join me on a transformative journey. For the many, adult life is an endless chase after a richer and more meaningful experience. Sadly, the chase itself is exhausting and does not yield as much result especially in today’s hectic world. Is a fulfilled life even attainable? In this empowering book, I bring the message that a fulfilled life is within your grasp if you fully discover you have already been enriched! It starts from self-awareness to a full discovery of the potential which lies within you. I highlight some obstacles people face and ways to overcome them. I discuss principles that will shift your mindset and help embrace a life of victory. Through personal stories, I inspire to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Engaging reflections and tasks act as catalysts to nudge you towards aspiring for more. It’s time to unwrap the package where your gift lies. It’s time to claim the fulfilled life you deserve.


Deborah is the founder of Enrich Women’s Ministry, a platform empowering women to reach their full potential, make a difference and grow in Christ. Through Enrich, Deborah hosts conferences, and prayer retreats, fostering a community of support and spiritual growth. As a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and podcast host of Enrich table talks, she shares wisdom and insights that are inspiring and uplifting. Deborah’s passion for enriching others extends to one-on-one mentoring. She practices as a Community Healthcare Specialist; has a BSc in Nursing, an MSc in leadership and a graduate Diploma in Community Nursing. Deborah and her husband Phillip are the founding leaders of Threshold Church, Threshold Leadership Academy and the newly established Threshold Legacy Streams making a lasting impact on individuals, families and communities. They have three children- Asante, Zengani and Zoe