My journey through grief

My Journey Through Grief

Faith Tavengwa

  • Category - Self Help


In this remarkable book, Faith opens her heart and shares the profound depths of her grief as she copes with the tragic loss of her young brother, followed by the unimaginable pain of losing her parents, just two days apart, years later in the same month of July. With raw honesty and vulnerability, Faith takes us on a deeply personal exploration of her emotions, as she navigates the tumultuous waves of grief and discovers her own path to healing.

Turning her pain into a force for good, Faith bravely shares her story with the world, offering solace and connection to those who have endured similar losses. Through her experiences, she unveils the coping mechanisms that have guided her along her journey, revealing the power of embracing pain as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. In the face of profound loss, Faith reminds us of the importance of cherishing our loved ones and creating enduring memories, for their spirits live on within us, forever etched in our hearts.

Through Faith's inspiring narrative, we are invited to cherish the present, for tomorrow is uncertain, and every moment counts. Join Faith on her extraordinary journey from grief to healing, and let her story ignite a flame of hope within your own heart.


Faith Tavengwa is a Public Health Professional originally from Zimbabwe but currently based in the United Kingdom. She has written two other books: "Tips for young women before settling down" and "What women really want in a man." Faith is dedicated to empowering girls and women and is the founder of the Faith Tavengwa Foundation. Through her foundation, she provides essential items such as sanitary pads, toiletries, and food, while also supporting women in starting their own businesses.