The way to the cross

The Way to the Cross

Beatrice Lecheko

  • Category - Christianity


"The Way to the Cross" is a book that bears the marks of divine inspiration. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Beatrice embarked on a journey of writing, with a specific purpose in mind—to encourage readers in their own pilgrimage towards inheriting the Kingdom of God. It is her heartfelt desire that this book serves as a source of blessing and spiritual nourishment for all who read it.

As you delve into the pages of this book, may you find wisdom, strength, and renewed hope in your own journey of faith. May the profound teachings and insights contained within these pages illuminate your path and draw you closer to God's eternal Kingdom. May the words written by Beatrice Lecheko be a testament to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and an instrument of divine guidance for your life.
May this book touch your heart and ignite a deeper connection with your faith. May you be abundantly blessed by the profound message within. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


Beatrice Lecheko is a devoted mother, passionate graduate, and woman of unwavering faith. Holding a BSc Hon in social policy, she is driven by a deep burden to uplift marginalized communities and troubled youth. Her tireless commitment to God has led her to serve in numerous churches across Greater Manchester and Liverpool, where she has actively participated in leading prayer services, intercession, women's ministry, evangelism, and teaching the Word of God. With a heart full of compassion for people and a fervent desire to see lost souls saved, Beatrice has also served as a missionary in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa. Her experiences and encounters on these transformative missions have shaped her perspective and inspired her to share her insights through the written word.