Mpilo\\\'s Diary

Ingrethia Emmah Kumalo

  • Category - Fiction
  • Number of pages - A3
  • Language - English
  • Age Range - All ages
  • Publisher - Ingrethia Emmah Kumalo
  • Year Published - 2022


Mpilo was nine when his father left to toil in the bowels of the earth in Johannesburg, and every Christmas he and his sister pinky would await his return at the bus stop. They would watch other migrant fathers arrive to the embrace of their wives and children. Their father was never amongst them. Fast-forward nine years, Mpilo and his siblings toil alongside their mother Thulisile, at Baas Wilmes's farm in Mnambithi Mpilo and his sisters Confidence and Pinky, then get a chance to move to Johannesburg, but there is a catch -Anthea Baas Wilmes's daughter, cannot bear kids of her own and desperately needs a Surrogate.... It is in Johannesburg where Mpilo Nontsikelelo, an 18 year old whose wealthly father is terribly ill and has a few days to live . A kidney transplant can save his life, but cannot find a match . Until his wife notices something oddly about her daughter's new friend, Mpilo. The teenager is a 'Mirror Image' of her ailing husband....