The YouTube Optimization & Monetization Blueprint

The YouTube Optimization & Monetization Blueprint

Charity Muchakati

  • Category - Business


Do you want to make real money on YouTube? YouTube can be a great source of income for the right people, as evidenced by all the stars making bank from their channels. But can you really be one of those people? If you’re tired of get-rich-quick schemes and programs that promise to make you money, but fail to deliver, this is the right book for you. Finally, you can get real, detailed guidance for making money on YouTube from someone who’s actually doing it. Written by a successful YouTuber who’s consistently earning income per month in automated revenue streams from her own channels, this book provides a step-by-step blueprint for profiting from YouTube, including:

How you can make a profitable YouTube channel without ever showing your face
The science behind viral videos, and how you can go viral by following a simple formula
Comprehensive instructions on setting up a stable, profitable channel from the ground up
How to actually choose a profitable niche, and which ones to avoid
The secret keyword strategy that will multiply your profits
Easy (yes, really!) methods for market research
Analytics for people who don’t like math
How to create your entire profitable YouTube channel using nothing but FREE resources
Advanced tips on scaling your channel, developing multiple profit streams, and much more!

Whether you’re just starting out and dreaming of being a YouTube star, or you’ve tried making YouTube channels without much success in the past, The YouTube Optimization and Monetization Blueprint is your path to success. Learn along step by step in this easy-to-follow guide that lays out exactly what, where, and when you should do to make money on YouTube.