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The Beginning

Tony Chihota

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Tony Chief Chihota has never doubted what he was put on this earth to do…

1992 and against all odds, Hip Hop has finally become a global force to be reckoned with. Apartheid in South Africa has just ended and a fragile time of healing has begun. Across the border in Zimbabwe, a new sound has emerged led by three teenagers known as A Peace Of Ebony. They bring the mystique of Africa with a fusion of streetwise urban RAP captivating international audiences and bringing African pride to the folks back home. At a time when the message of peace, love and unity is imperative, the three youngsters are catapulted into early stardom with dramatic life changing effects. Dodgy record companies, shady promoters and unscrupulous sharks of the music industry suddenly converge, and they all want a piece of the ebony. What ensues is a fight for survival in an industry built on the blood, sweat and tears of the underdog. Meanwhile the age of Gangster Rap has begun and Chief’s alter ego Tone Capone has just discovered a knack for the hustle. From the heights of fame and glamour to the murky depths of Johannesburg’s Red-light District, The Beginning is an inspiring story of a man’s battle to overcome darkness and embrace the light! A gripping true account of life in the sleazy world of sex, money and drugs as Tony navigates the fine line between glitz and gore. Wickedly funny, insightful and shocking to the core, The Beginning is a literal rollercoaster consummately told by a master entertainer.

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