Rediscovering My Path: The Grind is on

Rediscovering My Path: The Grind is on

Joseph M Kings

  • Category - Christianity


In this book, I narrate my journey to self-actualisation. Although I was 100% passionate about my chosen career, there were times I got stuck in the daily grind. From being homeless, laughed at, being discouraged and even failing at everything I tried to do, I needed to find myself first. Because I tried to be someone else, I realised, that ‘finding myself first’ seemed far-fetched like an inherently self-centred goal, but it was an unselfish process that was at the root of everything I do in life. The moments I gave up on myself, the sleepless nights, worrying about what people thought about me, seeking man’s approval, the list is endless; made me become a puppet. I got back on my feet and I got my gloves on and went back to the principles instilled in me by my grandma to ‘keep grinding’. The journey had already begun of discovering my path; the grind was on!