Cooking Jollof with Jesus

Cooking Jollof with Jesus

Jessie A.H Win-Tamakloe

  • Category - Self Help


Cooking Jollof with Jesus: Interacting with God is a book targeted at every Christian who wants to stir up their relationship with God. It reminds us of how close God is to us, and how He wants us to talk to Him and hear from Him concerning any issue. It consists of an introduction to the book and five chapters titled; Cooking Jollof with Jesus, Voices, Drowning the Noise, Obeying His Voice and Begin your experience with God respectively. This book explains the Jollof cooking experience and its relation to how God guides us in all we do. The voices chapter describes how we can choose which voice to listen to, and by obeying His vice, we learn how to do what God has asked us to do after we have heard from Him.