What Every Child Deserves

What Every Child Deserves

Tino Khuvinda

  • Category - Children's Literature


A FAMILY, WHAT A LOVELY PLACE TO BE… A family is a group of people living together as a unit for every day of their lives. In my family, I have my mum, my dad, my older and younger sister. Having a family means we are happy together and we look after and support each other. My parents are very caring of me. They work very hard to provide all my needs; which include providing food, clothes, bedding and a lovely warm, beautiful house which I really enjoy living in. My desire is not only for myself to get the best in life, but for every child in the world. Every child deserves love, support, encouragement and care that will give them excellent physical, emotional and mental health for them to be able to achieve the best for their future when they are older.