The Demon's Wife

The Demon's Wife

Nompilo Gumede

  • Category - Fiction


Mahlori Mathebula came to Durban with one goal in mind: to further her studies and return home to Limpopo to rescue her family from the grip of poverty. But then she discovers the finer things in life, which only money can buy. With newly found friends who have been in the 'Soft-Life' game for years, it isn't long before she too is bedding rich, older men and securing the bag.

She soon becomes a second wife to the wealthy, older Muzi Sibiya. The ink isn't even dry on her marriage certificate when she discovers that living on the lap of luxury comes at a price, and that all that glitters isn't gold. Muzi and his wife Ntombi have already pledged her soul to Arazyal, the demon that is the source of Muzi's wealth. She is trapped by a blood covenant she made with her husband and sister wife- a union that can only be broken by death.
The stakes get even higher when Mahlori discovers that she is pregnant with a child that is meant to be a blood sacrifice to Arazyal. A supernatural battle ensues and plunges the world into an apocalypse. Only Mahlori can save the world but she does not know how. After all, she is just a slay queen who never believed in anything until hell came to her doorstep.

The Demon's Wife is an urban African magical realism thriller that explores the mythical, the ancestral and the living spheres of our existence. Nompilo Gumede weaves a captivating story that hits too close to home for every young woman pursuing an easy way to a life of luxury.


Nompilo Khayelihle Gumede is a student at University of the Free State studying bachelor of
Social sciences. Hailing from Pietermaritzburg in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. She is 21-
years-old. Her love for writing was realised when Covid-19 merged in South Africa, subsequent social
hindrances and quarantine reality made her pen down her debut book. Upon realising that she
loves and enjoys writing, the charismatic author opened a facebook page to share her newly
found passion. People’s reactions were positive, they encouraged her to continue writing and to consider
publishing her work.